baby smashing a cake in photo session Brampton

Let's Talk About Cake Smash Sessions

Cake smash sessions can be a lot of fun for everyone! But I understand that considering a cake smash photo session may create some doubts, such as: Will my baby smash the cake? What if they don't like the cake? What if we don't get any cooperation from baby? These are all real and common concerns, but I'd like to put your mind at ease knowing, with a little preparation and good timing for the session we can have a successful session!

There is good news, and there is bad news. The good news is most one year old's will try to touch the cake, the bad news is not all babies will enjoy the mess, texture, or taste. Being in a strange place, with a strange cake, with your parents cheering you on can be too overwhelming. Practice at home! Do this on the floor with a cupcake with icing so your toddler can experience the cake, icing, and sitting on the floor in their home environment. This will make it a bit more familiar when you arrive at the studio.

Timing is everything when it comes to booking your session. We want baby to be at their happiest so that means booking the session for their best-rested time of day (early morning or right after a nap they regularly take). Leave baby a little hungry, bring a drink of water to wash it all down and some small snacks (cheerios or puffs kinds of things) to hide on the cake if baby is reluctant to touch the cake (grabbing for some familiar snacks can get them interested).

Parents: expect to get messy! You will likely get icing on you somewhere so bring a change of clothes or wear something that can handle a little icing mess.

If baby is having a rough day or night before (teething, coming down with a cold, was out late with parents the night before) then it's best to reschedule. Put your cake in the freezer and it will save until the new session date. I'm totally OK with rescheduling last minute if baby is not feeling 100%.

For cakes I suggest:

vanilla or white cake, 6" or smaller is ideal, biggest 8"

buttercream frosting (avoid fondant as it can be hard for baby to break through) or a "naked" cake decoration

You can find many, many recipes and how-to's on the internet about baking and icing your own smash cake or purchase from a local baker.

It doesn't have to be cakes! Donuts are fun, watermelons, lemons, spaghetti. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Brampton cake smash photography
baby eating watermelon during cake smash photos
baby with donuts during cake smash photos
baby and spaghetti during one year photo session