March 13, 2021

Photographing Newborns Safely | Brampton Newborn Photography

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Newborn Safety During a Photo Session

Working with newborns is a great job, I love the baby snuggles! But we need to remember we are working with tiny people during a session and posing babies for photos requires knowledge of how many of these poses are created with safety always in mind. Newborns are not strong enough to hold their heads in certain positions or should never be placed in a pose that is not stable. To achieve these kinds of photos, photographers use "composites" - these are images that are taken with support of the baby and then photoshopped to remove the supports so that the baby is the main focus of the image. Also, many images seen these days with elaborate sets up (such as swings that you'd never put a baby on) are also composites - where the background is photographed at another time and baby is placed into the image using photo editing software. There are many considerations when posing newborns safely as to not restrict blood flow or breathing while the baby is sleeping to wrapping too tightly or overheating. Pillows, blankets, and posing beans is what your photographer will use to help position your baby in these sweet poses safely so that baby is comfortable and safe during the session. Choose your photographer who has this knowledge and is dedicated to keeping your baby safe. You can see more images and examples of safe baby posing by following this link:

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newborn baby photo
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