Motherhood (parenthood, really) and the lure and magic of printed photographs

As I sit here reflecting on being a mother of 3 who are growing up very quickly, and thinking about redefining my business (with a possible re-brand) and in all of this I came across this post from the Washington Post that really gave me all the feels. For all the new moms & dads, and parents-to-be, this is a great wee read to pull at the heart strings:


And I have been reflecting on my business as it grows and how I'd like to serve my clients better.

I would like my business to always celebrate being a mother, a father, a parent. I would like to continue to capture these moments: the wonder of pregnancy, the birth and love for your new baby, first year messy, first tastes, cake smashes and family memories and and going forward I would like to provide more printed products. Last week I was visiting my aunt and looking through an OLD photo album, literally falling apart from age, filled with really old photos from the early 1900's of my relatives. It was amazing to see the outfits, the rooms, the landscapes, although faded in some photos. Some had handwritten names and dates on them. What an amazing thing to see and touch in my hand this little piece of my genealogical history and it really hit home that THIS would not be possible from a hard drive or USB. Who knows how long this has remained hidden for years in a drawer, possibly to be brought out from time to time to admire. Surely a hard drive would have failed/been lost/no longer be a viable piece of hardware from literally over 100 years ago (of course if computers had been around 100 years ago, but you get my drift). I myself, have photos from 2007-2009 on CD and DVD and do not even have a CD or DVD reader any longer. I have photos on hard drives, USB's and have lost photos in computer crashes, The ONLY way to keep these photos as something tangible, to see and hold in the future is with quality printed photographs. Digital files are great to have and they have their place in today's world, but a printed photograph is really the only way to keep these memories as something to pass down for your kids and their kids to look back on, a little piece of their history.

I think it's time to bring back more printed options, to fall in love with photographs...physical photographs on your wall, in albums, in frames. I think this will be my focus with all my sessions going into 2023.