Working With Newborns


Working with, and posing newborns takes lots of time to perfect. This is why newborn sessions require a longer time frame for a session. Some babies are sensitive and require a little more soothing between and/or during posing.


Your new baby is precious, and I have been trained in newborn safety. I am an APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International) qualified newborn photographer and have passed a safety qualification with this organization who specialize in newborn safety. I make sure props are weighted properly, and spotters are used when posing baby in props. I will Photoshop out any helping hands, which are always near and/or supporting your baby. Composite images are used for some poses and photo shopped together to create some of the final images you see.


I provide everything needed for your session; soft blankets and wraps, pillows, props, and tiny stuffed animals. Of course, you may bring a special item to be photographed with baby. Most newborns do not have perfect skin: flaky bits, baby acne, stork bites, angel kisses - I am happy to reduce or remove the appearance of these things if you desire.

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